LEAD Journey Online


leading through a whirlwind of change


Join congregations from across the country for two 1-day learning events each spring and fall

Voices from the lead journey

Rev. Ernie Hinojosa – Journey Congregation

Rozella Haydée White – LEAD Consultant

Rev. Chris Markert – Synod Representative

LEAD is ready to walk with you on the unknown road ahead.

Congregational leadership is harder and more confusing than ever before. None of us saw these massive changes coming:

a PANDEMIC, followed by an ECONOMIC CRISIS, in the midst of growing tensions around RACISM.

If you are a pastor or serving on church council, you are likely scratching your head and wondering what to do now. Don’t do this alone.

While your congregation may have a passion for returning to the way you used to be church, you know that is not sustainable. You are tired, and you are pretty sure that your church leaders are too.

The LEAD Journey Online builds resiliency and confidence for the hard decisions ahead.

Why the LEAD Journey Online?

  1. You will receive proven leadership training. The training values your wisdom and the uniqueness of your congregation. You set the pace, decide what will work with your congregation, and, over time, you will see results.
  2. You will network with leaders from other congregations. You will learn from each other and work as a group with a consultant.
  3. You will meet monthly with your own coach. The coach will support your pastor and your LEAD Team facilitator as they work with your congregation to maintain momentum. (This is available for an additional fee. While this coaching is optional, it is highly encouraged.)
  4. You will increase your ability to hear God moving through this challenging time. God is calling your congregation into its own unique future.

The LEAD Journey Online is a path forward, one step at a time.

Two Learning Events Per Semester 


You are invited to join a limited number of congregational pastors and leaders from across the country for an online journey with two full-day learning events each spring and two full-day learning events each fall as we share our challenges and discern God’s call to build the church out of our traditions and sacred stories.

You will learn proven ways of leading through change as part of this thoughtful learning community.