By Peggy Hahn

The tipping point is never one action. That is a myth.

It is a result of persistence, the gradual effort that feels thankless at the time but ultimately adds up.

One conversation at a time, one sermon each week, one leadership retreat each year, these are what shift culture over time.

The only time change happens fast is when one of two things happens:

  1. a crisis, or
  2. a choice.

While these both offer significant opportunities for birthing new things, they happen less frequently than the everyday, incremental nudging that ultimately creates the tipping point.

The leader’s job is to determine the direction of the push. Nudging or pushing without direction are exhausting and fruitless. Pick the destination (even if this point moves over time, start somewhere) and start walking people with you down that path.

Don’t overthink it.

In some cases, the big work is just to start walking with a prayer that the path will show up.

In the end this is faithful leadership.

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