Day 37

I intend to live this day with all the curiosity and imagination that God gave me.

Today I will be tuned into fast and slow. When does time seem to fly by? When does time drag? Who or what is moving faster than me and what is moving slower? Is the wind blowing hard – or softly? When can I control how fast I go, and when do I need to go slowly?

I intend to live this day with God.

Psalm 70
But I’ve lost it. I’m wasted.
God – quickly, quickly!
Quick to my side, quick to my rescue!
God, don’t lose a minute.

I intend to share it.

How will I share this day?
Donate a clock to a thrift shop?
Walk slowly with an older friend, and quickly with a child?
Tell a story about when you felt God at your side quickly?