Day 33

I intend to live this day with all the curiosity and imagination that God gave me.

This is a great day to think about harvest. We usually only use this word for food – and while many of us see fresh produce in the grocery stores, I will think about those who do not and why this is. But also I will think about the harvest of benefits from a good habit. The harvest of knowledge from reading good books. The harvest of beauty from the work of craftsmanship. Where else will I see harvests?

I intend to live this day with God.

Psalm 126
So those who planted their crops in despair will shout hurrahs at the harvest.

I intend to share it.

How will I share this day?
Take photos of as many kinds of harvest as I find?
Find out if the local foodbank will accept fresh veggies, or take some to a neighbor?