by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

Our LEAD Staff is an incredibly committed, diverse, interesting group of people who are living out their call to the Gospel not just with LEAD but in a wide variety of settings. Some may serve only two weekends a year on our team while others may put in 20, 30 or even 40 hours of volunteer time in a given week because they are called to grow Christian leaders.

We add people to our team as we have opportunity, as we encounter remarkable gifts, or as we see people taking wise and courageous leadership risks that align with our purpose. They live all around the country and we have never yet met as a whole team. That’s right, the whole staff has never been together in the same room for a whole day! Do I wish we could do that? Absolutely! But so far it has been beyond our budget.

But despite the distance and competing demands on our lives, working together with integrity, creating together with curiosity, learning together with passion, and serving together with high commitment happens every day.

Lately I have felt we could use a covenant, not as a reaction to anything that’s happened, but as a proactive leadership move to align our way of being together. We took some time and hammered out a starting place for our staff. We could keep nuancing language, shifting the order, or perfecting the intent. But that would be a distraction, or maybe even resistance to having a covenant.

We encourage you to have a covenant too – with yourself, with your family, your team, your staff – so we are offering you a gift.

Here is our LEAD Staff Covenant. Change it up to make it your own but, most importantly, live it!  

LEAD Covenant