by David Hansen, LEAD Strategic Projects

LEAD is excited to announce #LEADReads  

A project to help leaders like you in your quest to continue to grow.

Think of it like a book club for awesome ministry leaders.

I remember when LEAD was launching, Peggy Hahn, Chris Hicks, and Vonda Drees went around the Gulf Coast Synod (and beyond) talking to leaders.

Shortly after that listening tour, I had lunch with Peggy and we talked about what she learned. One moment in particular has stuck with me.

Peggy: I can tell if a ministry is growing with just one question.

Me: Blank stare.

Peggy: What are you reading?

Peggy (continued): It doesn’t even matter what book they are reading. Leaders who are reading anything at all are growing – and the chances are better that their congregations are also growing. Leaders who are not reading are not growing. They have gotten stagnant. And chances are, their congregations have too.

Ever since then I have tried to be a leader who reads – a leader who thinks intentionally about how I am growing both as a leader and in my faith. I STILL don’t read as much as Peggy, but I try to always be reading and growing.

How about you? Are you a leader who is growing or ready to grow?

For this pilot of #LEADReads, we have selected five important books and a variety of times for you to sign up and read alongside us. In addition, as we read together, we will be joined by a facilitator and other leaders for regular conversation around the content we are encountering.

Oh wait – I almost forgot: for each book, one of our meeting sessions will be devoted to conversation WITH THE AUTHOR!

Why Bother

I get it. You are busy. Your continuing education budget is tight. Why should you find the time and money for one more thing?

  1. Accountability. We read and learn better when accountability is built into the system. With #LEADReads you will be  connected to a community of people who are reading along with you.
  2. Learning. Reading is great. Reading together is even better. Through conversation with others, the content we are reading becomes internalized and a part of who we are as leaders.
  3. Network. You are a growing leader. One way to continue to grow is to share ideas with other leaders who are also seeking to grow #LEADReads connects you to just such a network.
  4. Affordability. #LEADReads is an affordable continuing education experience. For just $45, you get two facilitated conversations around topics that will help you to grow as a leader AND a webinar with the author!

The Details

#LEADReads launches September 15, 2019. Register here where you can choose the book (or books) and times that are best for you to read with others. The following five books are featured during this fall session: