Leadership is Joy

by David Hansen, Director of Communication & Innovation

Church budgets.

Congregational meetings.

Constitutional amendments.

Don’t all these things sound joyful to you?

There are lots of tiring, stressful, and hard aspects to ministry. We know. We’ve been there ourselves. And we’ve listened to leaders who are in the middle of it themselves.

Many ministry leaders are tired – exasperated – stressed out – worn out.

We’ve noticed a pattern. Ministries often look like their leaders.

Growing ministries are led by growing leaders.

Generous ministries are led by generous leaders.

Prayerful ministries are led by prayerful leaders.

You get the picture.

This year, we want to help you rediscover your joy.  As leaders, we often feel like our attitudes are affected by our ministry.

I’m stressed because there is conflict in the ministry.

I’m relaxed because things are going well.

I’m tired because there is too much going on.

But what if the opposite is true?
What if we find our attitude first, and that then shapes our ministry?

Hold on to that thought for a minute.

We hear throughout Scripture that the Christian life is marked by joy. And if that is true, one would expect that Christian leadership would also be marked by joy.

As we have listened to leaders, we know that many of you are tired. This year, we want to help you rediscover your joy.

Real joy. Your joy. A joy that isn’t dependent on whether your board meeting goes well or poorly, on whether you meet your budget numbers or not, on what last Sunday’s attendance was.

Because when you find your joy, you will lead with joy.

When you lead with joy, it will infect your ministry with joy.

When your ministry is joyful, the people you minister with are more likely to experience joy.

And joyful people transform communities.

Behold, I bring you good news of great joy!

Join us on this experiment in 2017, as we explore all the ways that Leadership is Joy. Each monthly 10 Minute Toolbox video will focus on ways that God’s joy can transform our ministries.

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