Calling people of faith into the neighborhood and world


is a ten-step program undertaken by a congregation to listen to God in scripture and prayer, in the congregation, and out in the neighborhood. A Listening Team guides the process which includes periods of active listening followed by reflection.

Regardless of size or geographic context, congregations can utilize the plan to breathe new life into their ministries and deepen their connection to the neighborhood as they follow the Holy Spirit’s call.

Congregations in transition will find the process particularly helpful as they prepare to call a new leader.

LEAD offers these FREE resources, training, and coaching to help congregations successfully move through the process.

LEAD offers the following resources, trainings, and coaching for the Tune In Process that can be customized for your unique context.

Tune In guide

  • step by step timeline for the Tune In Process
  • detailed explanations for each of the ten steps
  • training activities
  • Bible studies
    questions for listening and reflection
  • and more

Online training by a LEAD coach

  • to equip the Listening Team facilitator and the pastor to lead the Tune In Process

Coaching with experienced coaches

  • to accompany your congregation through the process

Listen…With All Your Heart journal

  • with prompts for reflection by Listening Team members and anyone in the congregation who is interested in growing deeper in their faith

Congregational Assessment

  • also available separately

Work with LEAD to design a package to meet your specific needs.

By committing to the Tune In Process, you are making the decision to listen to and follow God into the future.

Individual copies of Tune In: An Invitation to Listen
 are available for purchase from Amazon.


waking up to a deeper relationship with God, purposeful community, and our own identity

The Wake Up Process


digging down beneath the surface to ask questions, opening our mindset to create systems that reflect God’s love

The Dig Down Process


working out of our comfort zone to expand relationships to
reflect the diversity of God’s creation

The Work Out Process