1. Engage young, diverse, emerging leaders as resource developers for their peers. Imagine digital and face-to-face leadership schools that spark creativity and new forms of Christian community.
  2. Experiment with cohorts of leaders practicing adaptive leadership together with a primary focus on young leaders, pastors in their first five years of ministry, and lay leaders who are revitalizing churches.
  3. Expand strategies for congregational leaders, within and beyond congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, to partner with their neighbors.
  4. Launch digital tools and web-based resources to deepen discipleship and network leadership.
  5. Employ staff to better serve you.
  6. Build this vision together with a strong board for oversight and regular practices of inviting feedback from all denominations, ethnic groups, and cultural perspectives.



The fine print:

Invest in LEAD by purchasing Ministry Bonds in $1,000 increments as a short-term loan.

Bonds purchased will be repaid in four installments in 2021 (March, June, September, December) or feel free to change the bond to a donation at anytime.

Your bond will act like a short-term loan, building the bridge from the past to the future.

Your Ministry Bond may be purchased now. Please invite others you know to support us as we move from being a strategy of one bishop’s office to a gift to the whole Christian community.



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