create a new future for your congregation


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about LEAD and the LEAD Journey.

What is the LEAD Journey?

The LEAD Journey is for pastors and lay leaders who are ready to create a new future for their congregation within a safe, encouraging cohort of leaders who are on the same journey. The Journey is a process, not a program, to learn new skills, new mindsets, new knowledge and new practices that will transform your personal faith and the life of your congregation. The LEAD Journey has an outward focus on the neighborhood and includes listening to God in scripture and prayer, as well as in the congregation. Cohorts gather every six months for a Learning Seminar to keep up the momentum and gain new skills. Each congregation’s pastor and team facilitator also receive monthly coaching for accountability to maintain focus. Over 70 congregations are somewhere on this journey right now. Isn’t it time for your congregation to move to a proven strategic plan that offers so much to you personally?

What are people saying about the LEAD Journey?

“This is so much more than I expected. I am looking at my church in new ways. I have hope for my congregation and feel like I know how to lead. This experience is changing our understanding of why we exist.” —Lay leader, Baltimore, MD

“We are amazed at where our church is today, after two years on the LEAD Journey. The changes happened first in us, as a leadership team, then in others in the congregation. We are truly engaged in our neighborhood with new partners. It’s not easy to take on new behaviors but thanks to our coach and all we have learned, things are moving forward.”—Facilitator of a LEAD Team, Houston, TX

“Our congregation took a while to really listen in the neighborhood. We were anxious because the people around our congregation are very different from our members. Now that we have started listening, we are amazed at how grateful people are that we are showing up and caring about what they have to say. We aren’t sure exactly what will come out of this, but we know we will not be the same congregation in three years. It is exciting to think about the possibilities.”

What is the LEAD Assessment?

This digital assessment measures LEAD’s Four Growth Indicators as vital behaviors. The Assessment includes a Congregational Overview to be completed by the pastor or council president. It is one great starting place as the congregation launches into important conversations that make a way for the future. Note: The LEAD Assessment is only one of the tools used for consultation and coaching.

What is a LEAD Journey Cohort?

Networked leaders entering into a three year journey to transform their congregations through intentional processes. This pilgrimage walks a congregation into their local neighborhood, clarifies purpose and values, seeks to align ministry, explores staffing, governance, and stewardship, and finally connects learning groups, hospitality, outreach, and communication over the course of a few years. You set the pace.

What is LEAD Coaching?

Mastering new behaviors normally takes practice and is faster with a coach. These behaviors are a lot like a workout program—they are easier to commit to if we have a coach alongside us. Think of this as a perfect Continuing Education opportunity. Most leaders admit they seldom use what they learn at conferences but evidence is clear: a coaching session, one hour a month in the midst of your real congregational and personal life, is transformative. Coaching is learning in the context of the ups and downs of ministry, customized for your own goals or using one of our LEAD Processes.

What happens at Learning Seminars?

The LEAD Journey includes strategic seminars that meet you where you are and encourage new learning to take your leadership and the congregation forward in mission. Each seminar is filled with stories, proven practices, new skills and training that support congregational leaders as they lead their church. You can look forward to leaving with a new toolbox every six months throughout the journey.