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What does LEAD offer?

Who are our clients?

For Congregations, Synods, Judicatories

LEAD works with congregations, synods, and judicatories around the world. Our experienced, professional staff, coaches, and consultants draw from our wide array of resources to tailor services to your specific needs. These may include (but are not limited to):

For Individuals

LEAD works with individual leaders both rostered (including clergy) and lay (paid and volunteer ministry leaders and staff).

Our experienced, professional COACHES are available to walk alongside clients, asking questions and supporting them as they identify their strengths and challenges, relate them to the competencies needed in their leadership, and develop strategies for growth.

In addition to coaching, LEAD offers the following opportunities for individuals:

Delaware-Maryland Synod (ELCA)
LEAD Journey with 18 congregations in 4 cohorts
Contact: Cindy VanVliet

North Carolina Synod (ELCA)
Annual Roadmap with 50 congregations
Contact: Tammy Jones West

Southeast Michigan Synod (ELCA)
LEAD Journey with 18 congregations in 4 cohorts
Contact: Lauren Kirsh-Carr 

Southeastern Iowa Synod (ELCA)
LEAD Journey with 6 congregations
Contact: Erika Uthe

Southeastern Minnesota Synod (ELCA)
LEAD Journey with 11 congregations in 3 cohorts
Contacts: Pete Reuss & Beth Krolak

Southwestern Texas Synod (ELCA)
Missional River 2.0 with 17 congregations in 4 cohorts
Contact: Sue Briner

Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod (ELCA)
LEAD Journey with 12 congregations in 3 cohorts
Contact: Chris Markert

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