The LEAD Congregational Assessment is a 20-question online tool that uses four Growth Indicators to help your congregation find its place on the LEAD Leadership Landscape. These Growth Indicators represent behaviors that are stronger among congregations that are Growing than those that are Stalled or Out of Breath.

Where do I find the LEAD Assessment?

Click here: Take the LEAD Assessment

A password (provided to the congregation at registration) is required to access the Assessment. Please contact your church office if you need the password.

Is a paper version of the LEAD Assessment available?

Yes. While the LEAD Assessment is designed to be taken online, for those who prefer to complete it on paper, there is a print-ready version of the Assessment available. Copies may be printed out and distributed to people in your congregation. If your congregation registered for the Assessment or is a part of the LEAD Journey and did not receive a link to the print-ready version, contact [email protected].

Completed paper copies of the Assessment are to be turned in to the congregation. PLEASE NOTE: All hard copy responses must be entered into the online form by a trusted person from your congregation.

Detailed instructions for entering the data are available here.

Why take the LEAD Assessment?

The LEAD Assessment provides information about your congregation’s behavior on each of the four Growth Indicators and identifies where you are on the Leadership Landscape. Typically congregations discover that they are stronger in one or more of the behaviors. By building on these strengths and working to develop new behaviors, congregations can grow as they join God in mission.

How do we take the LEAD Assessment?

  1. Register for the Assessment. (One person only) Note: if you are part of the LEAD Journey, you do not need to register for the Assessment. It is included at no additional cost.
  2. Complete the online Assessment Overview providing information about your congregation and community. (Pastor or Council President Only)
  3. Invite EVERYONE who is part of your worshiping community to take the 20-question online LEAD Assessment. It requires 15 minutes or less and can be done on a computer or smartphone. Congregations may choose to make paper copies available as well.

What is the LEAD Leadership Landscape?

LEAD has discovered that congregations generally find themselves in one of four quadrants: Growing, Becoming, Out of Breath or Stalled. Each of these quadrants has different characteristics that describe congregational and leadership behavior. These behaviors are related to a congregation’s faith practices, its willingness to innovate, its connection to its neighborhood, and its understanding of purpose. Knowing where your congregation lies on the Leadership Landscape helps leaders as they make a plan to grow.

What are the Four Growth Indicators?

There are many things leaders can do to help their congregations grow. LEAD has identified four behaviors that make a bigger difference than others.

These four behaviors are:

  • Listening to God in scripture and prayer, in the congregation, and in the neighborhood to join God in mission.
  • Focusing to develop a clear purpose and values as the congregation aligns for mission.
  • Exploring faith and theology, decision-making systems, and generosity to carry out mission.
  • Connecting through relationships to deepen faith in people of all ages, to welcome new people, and to communicate the faith to people outside the church.

What kind of results will we receive?

A LEAD team member will meet with you digitally for 30 minutes to walk through your written report with:

Demographic information about those that took the assessment
A score for each of the four Growth Indicators
An overall score identifying your congregation’s place on the LEAD Leadership Landscape

This is an opportunity to identify your next steps for moving forward, joining in God’s mission.

What is the cost?

The cost for the Assessment package is $300. The package includes access to the online assessment for the entire congregation (there is no limit to the number of participants), one copy of The Sacred Valley by Peggy Hahn – Executive Director of LEAD, a written report, and a 30 minute session with a LEAD team member.

Register now.

Are you part of the LEAD Journey? The cost of the Assessment is included. You do not need to register separately.

Your congregation may begin taking the Assessment immediately.

Tell me again how we start.

  1. Commit to the LEAD Congregational Assessment process. The decision may be made by staff, council or a special team appointed to oversee the process. Leadership support is critical to success.
  2. Register and pay for the LEAD Assessment. Note: if you are part of the LEAD Journey, the Assessment is included at no additional cost to you and you do not need to register.
  3. Have the clergy or council president/vestry leader complete the Assessment Overview.
  4. Test-drive the Assessment with staff before inviting the congregation to participate so you will be prepared to answer any questions that arise.
  5. Share the Assessment URL (website link) and password with the congregation. Here are the instructions for participants.
    -Go to Take Lead Congregational Assessment (from your computer or smartphone)
    -Click on Take Assessment.
    -Enter the password: Available after Registration and Overview are completed.
    -Enter your name and demographic information (you will not be put on an email list from LEAD unless you ask to be).
    -Complete the 20 questions.
  6. The more widely the Assessment is publicized, the greater the participation. Successful congregations have used some or all of the following methods to get people excited:
    -Bulletin inserts
    -Special emails
    -Temple talks
    -Telephone trees
    -Announcements from the pulpit
    -Tables in the narthex with computers set up to take the Assessment
    -Special invitations to small groups, confirmation classes, Sunday School classes, council, ministry leaders

What about the Assessment Overview?

The clergy or council president/vestry leader with knowledge of the congregation and its context must complete the Assessment Overview before the Assessment Report can be prepared.

The Overview is divided into three parts: Introduction, About Your Congregation, and About Your Neighborhood. There is a link at the end of each section that allows you to “Save and Continue Later.” A list of the questions is available so you can be prepared with the information you will need before you begin.

The information in the Overview is only collected once, from you or the main contact person; it is not required of the members of your congregation who complete the Assessment. Accurate, up-to-date data will be valuable not only to your own congregation but to the broader Christian community as we partner together to grow Christian leaders.

What do we do after we take the Assessment?

LEAD offers resources and professional coaches to accompany your congregation in practicing new behaviors as you join in God’s mission. Contact [email protected] for more information.