by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

Does the space you worship God in each week reflect God’s joy to all that gather?

Do the nursery, restrooms, classrooms, and hallways reflect God’s joy to all that pass through them?

Does the church office reflect God’s joy to all that serve and are served daily in those spaces?

These are not rhetorical questions. When you walk through the buildings that we call God’s church, do you yearn for trash bags and a few hours to declutter these sacred spaces?

Most of our church buildings look like my garage did before it was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. It was filled with a few valuables and everything else was a donation from the past. Even now, almost two years and a repaired garage later, we must fight ourselves. We have had to make a family covenant to resist the urge to let things pile up. The car seats our grandchildren have grown out of. Those little cartons that bedding plants come in (and we might use later). Who are we kidding?

Yes, we have too much stuff. And so does the church. It feels horrible to compare churches to our garages, yet how can we welcome new people without dealing with leftovers from the past?

We can’t really expect to welcome new people if there are piles in the corners, untended landscaping or bathrooms that are – I’m being nice here – antiquated.

You may be thinking this is not your job. But if not you, who? Why not commission a KonMari team of trusted men and women who can go through the church over the next few weeks and give them the power to make decisions about what brings joy at your place? The trust and decision-making power are critical – without those, you’re just moving piles around. Put the people who care the most about the building on the team, include people from different generations, roll up your sleeves and feel the joy!