Joy in Stopping

by Pastor David Hansen, LEAD’s Director of Communication and Innovation

The author of Ecclesiastes reminds us that “for everything there is a season …”

From time to time, one of the gifts of ministry is healthy stretching. Trying new things. Achieving more than we thought possible. Exploring different ways of doing ministry together.

But at other times, that stretching can be unhealthy. We can become stretched too thin – with too much on the calendar, pulled in too many directions.

During those times when we are stretched too thin, it is good to discover the joy of stopping.

Stopping or pausing a ministry can be a real gift – both to the leaders and to the community. Stopping can be a way to free us up for other opportunities by putting our energy elsewhere. Stopping can also allow us to have healthy boundaries and better energy for the projects that we continue to work on.

This month’s Toolbox invites us to reflect on what it looks like to come to a stopping point.

At LEAD, we also are a growing and learning organization – just like yours! The ideas that we explore for leaders are also how we work in our ministry. With that in mind, we are also exploring the joy of stopping – this will be the last of the monthly Toolbox videos as we focus our energy on some other new and continuing projects.

You can find our archive of over 40 Toolbox videos here.

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