Joy in Our Team

Every February, the Super Bowl is the culminating event of the NFL season. It is a huge media event, drawing the attention of people well beyond the football league’s core base.

But the work that leads up to the Super Bowl begins long before that. Before the first game of the season. Before the first drill of pre-season training.

Two months after the Super Bowl ends, the NFL holds its annual draft – the time when teams invite new players to come and join their organization. This work – building the right team, finding the right talents and gifts, and bringing new people into the work they share – is what builds championships.

Similarly, there is one key factor at the heart of any ministry leadership: The team that we work with.

When a ministry is thriving, you will usually find a leadership team that functions well together. When a ministry is struggling, you are likely to find a leadership team that does not work well together.

Assembling the right team and learning to enjoy the work that you share makes a huge difference in both how you experience the work of leadership and how effective that leadership will be.

This month’s Toolbox invites us to look more closely at our team and find the joy of leadership.

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