by Pastor David Hansen, LEAD’s Director of Communication and Innovation

Every ministry leader we know is looking.

Lay or ordained, professional or volunteer, they are all looking.

Looking for one resource or another to help them move to the next step in their ministry.

We know how hard and how frustrating that search can be.

For the last five years, the LEAD team has been talking with ministry leaders, learning from their lessons about ministry, and listening to what resources have helped them.

We know the joy of finding the right resource – the thing that inspires you to look at ministry in a new way, to better understand your context, or the piece of advice that calls you to deeper discipleship.

And we want to share that joy with you. (Check out the July Toolbox video.)

The LEAD team has curated the lessons we have learned – pointing toward existing helpful resources and creating many new ones – all to help you experience the joy of finding the right resource.