Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Scripture John 9:1-41

Lent Week 4

Rodger JonesChicago, IL

My Reflection:

When I was a child, I used to think that the scriptures about the blind man were only about Jesus restoring his vision. It wasn’t until I got older and had studied more that I realized the story is so much more than that.

Jesus came to heal the blind man, but because Jesus did not do it when others wanted him to or how they wanted him to, it was questioned. Nowhere in the text do I see that those who questioned the healing actually were indeed happy his vision was restored.

Sometimes the way Jesus answers our prayers may not be the way we or others think they should be, BUT our prayers are answered. I am certain that the blind man and his family prayed many days and many nights for his sight to be restored.

Thinking about this scripture, I have to reflect on my own life and wonder what things in my life I am blind to.

This text was more than just about his physical vision, it included spiritual blindness as well. The blind man’s parents were more concerned about being thrown out of the synagogue than proclaiming what Jesus had done for their son.

I wonder why that is. I wonder why sometimes we care more about what others may think than the more important part, which is the blessing.

Sometimes in life when Jesus has healed us, blessed us, or answered our prayers, others may not see it or see the importance. But like the blind man, we should

boldly tell others what Jesus has done. In this Lenten season, what are some things in your own life that you want Jesus to open your eyes to?

What a blessing it must have been to be healed by the Son of Man.

For Your reflection:

  • During this Lenten season, think about three things you are spiritually blinded by. Think about what you would/could do once your vision was restored.
  • How would you tell your story? Would you have someone tell your story for you or would you stand boldly before others and share how Jesus has healed you?
  • How do you think the blind man who got his vision restored was received in his community after this blessing? Once the initial shock that his vision had been restored by Jesus wore off, how was life for him?
  • What is your understanding of physical blindness versus spiritual blindness?

Root Your Life in Prayer:

Most merciful Creator, thank you for sending your son, Jesus, so we can all be free to live our lives rooted in love. During this Lenten season, we ask that you continue to shower down your joy, peace, and love on us. Help us to spread not only your Word but your love for each of us. Bless and watch over all of your children who are feeling cast out by the community in which they live and serve. Bless and watch over all of our leaders who do the work of spreading your love. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen