Jesus and Nicodemus

Scripture John 3:1-17

Lent Week 2

Lillian SmithHouston, TX

My Reflection:

When I read the story about Nicodemus and Jesus, I wondered how Nicodemus could be a leader of the Jews, a Pharisee, and still be so afraid. Nicodemus took the time to seek out Jesus at night, to talk with Jesus about the miracles he witnessed. The fact that Nicodemus was looking for Jesus at night alerts me that he wanted his meeting with Jesus to be private; he wanted NO ONE to know.

When you don’t want to be found out, you sneak out when no one is awake or aware of your presence. When we don’t want to be judged, we do things at night. Night symbolizes what’s done in the dark, in secret.

I love that Jesus answered Nicodemus’ questions, and he posed one for Nicodemus as well, in verse 12:

“I tell you about things of the earth and you do not believe them. How will you believe if I tell you things about heaven?”

It reminds me of how we can pray, cry out, and get frustrated about a certain thing. Jesus can repeat answers over and over again but if we are not open and ready to listen, the answers won’t mean anything.

For Your Reflection:

  • Are you going to God only at night or do you seek God at all times? Why?
  • What answers are you seeking from God in this season? Are you willing to admit your confusion and misunderstandings to God?
  • Are you in a posture of readiness to receive God’s answers? If not, how will you get ready for those answers/to hear God talking to you?

Listen to

You Are Welcome by Psalmist Raine

Root Your Life in Prayer:

God, you are the I Am, the Creator of life and everything around us. The sun sets and rises because of you. Lord, I ask for guidance in this season, strength in this season, understanding in this season. Lord, I pray for peace and answers in this season. I pray that everyone seeking your face be in a posture of listening and ready to act because faith without works is dead.

Lord, speak into the things that we hide in the dark, the things that we are embarrassed and afraid to admit to ourselves or to you. Speak into the situations that we bury deep down for fear of judgment. Wash us anew.

Let us not be embarrassed by the questions that we have for you. Help us to realize that this is a part of the journey. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen