IRL [In Real Life]

Nov 17, 2021 | 0 comments

-by Peggy Hahn, Executive Director of LEAD

If you don’t have Advent figured out yet, Sacred Time may work for you. If you don’t have a plan for 2022 and anxiety is looming, the Annual Roadmap may be a good next step. If you are trying to collaborate with a nearby congregation, the Bridge could be helpful. If your congregation is ready to learn to love your neighbors in new ways, the LEAD Journey is definitely the way forward.

IRL - Thanks be to GodWhy?
Because doing church alone is not working.
Truth be told, independence is a lie.

IRL, we aren’t always sure what to do or where to go, and it makes a big difference when we work together. If we are honest, we get much of our energy from those around us. Our urgency to act is influenced by our call from God AND the people we serve (or, on a bad day, the noise in our own heads).

The underlying questions are surprisingly like the ones asked in adolescence:

  • Who are your peers?
  • Where do you find community?
  • Are you hanging out with people who can help you remember that God already loves you and has gifted you to lead right where you are?

Might you need to widen your community to feel supported and to spark imagination and energy?
Might you need to learn something you never thought you’d need to know?

The real first step, not unlike facing an addiction, is to admit you are powerless and that God is God. Essential next steps include building a little resilience by making time for reflection and new learning. There is no recipe, but we can take advice from Exodus 18:17-18 (NRSV):

17 Moses’ father-in-law said to him,
“What you are doing is not good.
18 You will surely wear yourself out,
both you and these people with you.
For the task is too heavy for you;
you cannot do it alone.”

Let’s do this together.