I intend to spend this day with all the curiosity and imagination that God gave me.

Today I will be aware of IMPULSIVENESS. Do I reach for a food treat without thinking? Do I reflexively say “no” to a person in need or “yes” to a person in power? Do I see other people snapping to judgment or even anger without thinking? Have I ever walked or driven “on autopilot” and ended up somewhere I didn’t need to be? When I am mindful, I can reduce my impulsiveness.

I intend to spend this day with God.

Acts 19:36 (NRSV)
Since these things cannot be denied, you ought to be quiet and do nothing rash.

I intend to share my joy.

How will I share this day?
Research the organizations I wish to help?
Apologize to anyone I might have hurt by my impulsiveness?
Start a journal examining my impulsiveness?
Share on Facebook?