In Search of Paul: Pilgrimage to Turkey and Greece

by The Rev. Dr. Don Carlson, Pilgrimage Host

Travel dates: April 14-30, 2020 – Registration closes October 1, 2019

“For too long we’ve read Scripture with 19th century eyes and 16th century questions. It’s time we get back to reading with 1st century eyes and 21st century questions.” – N.T. Wright

Walking through ancient Philippi, seeing the Roman forum at Thessaloniki and the Temple of Apollo at Corinth, being on the Areopagus in Athens, visiting the imperial temples to Hadrian, Domitian, and Augustus at Ephesus – all bring the realization that Paul was writing to small faith communities that lived in a world very different from Luther’s or ours.

The pervasiveness of Roman Imperial Theology, the patronage system, the social restraints of slavery and caste, the inescapable economic inequality, the array of gods and temples, and the brutality of the “Pax Romana” – the peace of Rome – all stood in stark contrast to the grace and peace of Jesus. Faithfulness to Jesus called for a different way of doing life together. Paul knew his context.

Knowing Paul’s context – the Roman Empire – brings a richer understanding of the apostle Paul and his gospel. Come and see with 1st century eyes and ask 21st century questions.

Join this LEAD Pilgrimage and rediscover Paul, the “pagans’ apostle”. For details and to sign up click here! 

Take a look at this amazing trip check out this video!


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