The Holiday Season Marathon

by Rozella Haydée White, LEAD Consultant

This week marks the first week of the season of Advent, a time of expectant hope and preparation. It’s also the week after Thanksgiving in the United States, a time of sluggish recovery for many as we engage the marathon that is the holiday season. The end of November until the beginning of January brings about a flurry of activity even as this time of year invites us to deep rest and reflection in order to experience renewal before the new year begins.

This is a busy time for faith leaders, especially those serving communities that gather regularly. It can also be a difficult time for many as the days are shorter and sunlight seems fleeting. Couple these realities with the increased time with family and friends and one can see how people struggle to make it through the season.

How are you preparing for this time of year?

What steps are you taking to care for yourself and your mental health?

What practices are you modeling for those you serve, practices that invite them to rest and reflect?

Leadership is not characterized by telling people what to do. It’s about embodying practices that empower and equip those you lead to create space  in their lives that allows them to proactively engage their holistic wellness in order to do the work ahead of them.

Consider using LEAD’s Advent Intentions this season as a devotional guide to ground you as you care for yourself.

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