by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

A fresh start. Carrying the past forward, but still, a fresh start.

Focus on three actions as you set your intentions for a new year. (Skip the resolutions. More on this below.)

First, focus on loving God, yourself, and the people around you. Before you stop reading because this feels too “touchy-feely,” remember this:

All power, all triumphs, all selfish materialism, all the false success of life will pass with the world’s form. What does not pass away is love…the joy of sharing and of feeling that we are all one people does not pass away. Oscar Romero, The Little Book of Archbishop Oscar Romero

Or read Mark 12:30-31. Or 1 Corinthians 13.

The act of love is underestimated and transformational. Love someone who will be surprised you care. Show them that they matter to you. (Appropriately, of course!)

Second, a truly breakthrough year for you and those you lead includes bringing closure to pains of the past so you will be ready, even unstoppable, for the opportunities and obstacles of the future.

We tend to experience what we expect. The biggest reason we don’t succeed with our goals is we doubt we can. We believe they are out of reach. When we say something is possible, we are usually right. When we say something is impossible, we usually have a failure of imagination. Michael Hyatt, Your Best Year Ever

Or read the Sermon on the Mount/Plain, Matthew 5:1-16 or Luke 6:20-26, 11: 33, 14:34.

Finally, set one risky goal. Most of us set goals that are too safe. They end up being boring and uninspiring. Get out of your comfort zone and set a goal that will engage your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Bring your whole self to it. If it fails, ask what was learned and go there. If it succeeds, ask if the goal was risky enough and stretch even more.

Loving is our greatest value. Overcoming pain is a release from captivity. Setting a risky goal is what gives leadership meaning. #resolutionfail is already trending. We can do better than this! 2020 is calling us deeper in our faith and wider in our mission. Let’s go!