Join us in changing the church! We need each other to make it happen.

LEAD is growing leaders like you in churches like yours who are called as disciples into God’s mission…and a new vision is emerging.

The vision is twofold: build a community of creative and courageous leaders all around the world who are learning together and develop a digital resource center filled with resources to support, challenge, and encourage leaders as they work together to transform the church. We need your financial support to achieve these goals.

We are looking for 100 courageous leaders to step up and make a gift of $25 per month to LEAD to make the vision a reality.

Your gift (in any amount) will help us build a community of leaders with the resources and support they need to transform the church, especially leaders in crisis, new leaders in the church, and those who are leading congregational change.

Hear from leaders who are already on this journey of transformation in their congregations and communities:


Imagine taking the passion and enthusiasm of these leaders in just one small part of the country and multiplying it by ten, or a hundred, or a thousand. Imagine it expanding from coast to coast, from country to country, all around the world.

THAT’s how you create a movement! And it takes YOU…everyone one of you…to make this change happen.

We have developed strong partnerships with leaders across the country in our first 5 years and together we are faithfully transforming ourselves and our church. This is just the beginning of what we can do together.

Catch the vision! Transform the church! Give now.