Devotion picBy Lynn Willis

I’m going to stick my neck out and say that we have all been creative at some point in our lives. And most of us have shared a common experience – someone we love or respect has said, “oh this is nice!” and we grin foolishly and say “oh, it’s something I made in the…garage/ workshop/ kitchen/ sewing room/ backyard/ computer….” And they say “YOU made this?” And our grins get a little bigger and goofier and we say, “yeah, do you like it?” and when they say yes it makes our hearts sing, because we really, really like that thing and it gives us joy just to look at it, and we are so happy that they like it too.

This week I read a quote that talked about the nature of God as “creative Agape.” A phrase that I love and that I think is church language for God’s goofy grin when we admire something God thought. When we see galaxies through the Hubble telescope and gasp at the images, can’t you just imagine God saying, “um, yeah, I made it. Do you like it?” And the joy is mutual, I’m sure.

As we come close to Christmas we remember once again how God comes to us in a mind-bogglingly innovative way. Imagine God saying, “Did you notice the wrapping? The ordinary parents and the lack of comfort at the birth?  I did that on purpose. Notice it. Go ahead open it – did you notice that I am a living breathing baby?  Notice my little fingers and toes.  Notice how I grow. Notice what I say and what I do. Do you get it?  Do you like it?”

This Christmas when you make something that turned out pretty darn well (even if you do say so yourself!), pause for a moment to share that feeling with God and remember God’s gift of all creation to us. And the gift of God’s own self. Share goofy grins with God and share the joy with God.

When you come to church on Christmas Eve remember to say, “wow, you made all this? It’s amazing! Thanks!”

May we share with God the great joy of creating.
May we always say “wow, thanks” to God’s creative Agape.

Creator God, fill us to the brim and overflowing with your creative spirit. Stir up in us the new and useful ideas that will break through old problems. Stir us up into a community that will brainstorm and share the creativity which will truly make a difference. Amen