global village

by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

My call was forever altered after reading a letter from Pastor Dan Long more than 25 years ago, who at that time was serving as a missionary in El Salvador during their civil war. Seriously, a letter.  I heard Pastor Dan describing his day-in and day-out work with people whose lives were very fragile and thought to myself, “I want a faith in Jesus like that!”

As you watch this month’s 10 Minute Toolbox on congregations that act as Global Villages, I am praying that you or someone you know will feel the Holy Spirit moving them into a deeper faith much like Pastor Dan’s letters rocked my world. I doubt seriously if Dan has any idea that the power of his truth-telling letters have left a wave of love not just from me but from countless people who have been part of the river flowing behind the letter. I recently returned from my 12th pilgrimage to Peru in 8 years, I continue my 25 year old relationship with El Buen Pastor in El Salvador (I was there in January), and I know in my heart that I would not be the leader I am today without Dan’s letter.  Maybe that sounds a little schmaltzy but our faith deepens in surprising ways.

In this month’s 10 Minute Toolbox you will meet congregational leaders who are doing some interesting global ministry. Honestly they are doing something your congregation could do too. Every congregation, no matter the size, should have a domestic and global mission. Some of the smallest congregations I know are financially supporting missionaries.

If you are looking for a place to connect globally, join me and others in growing leaders (through LEAD) in El Salvador. Our pilot project this January proved to us that Camp Hope Day Camp Ministries was as life-giving to students outside of the US as it is to those in this country. We are raising funds for next year’s travel team, and more importantly for a week of Camp Hope that builds leadership capacity that extends throughout the year. During the week of training we feed the entire community – 100s of people eating three meals a day, while learning together. You can be a partner with your tax deductible gift.

But don’t stop there. Pray about your own faith in Jesus and get globally connected.