There is an urgency in our call to grow leaders – expanding to intentionally focus on pastors and others under age 40, and leaders who serve in communities of poverty. These vital groups of leaders are under-resourced and at the same time, highly gifted and passionate about mission. Let’s be the kind of leadership community that invests in the future. Any size gift is appreciated.

You can invest in the future of your church and make a difference in the world by supporting LEAD’s goal of raising $20,000. These funds will go directly to:

  • Pastors in their first call
  • Pastors and lay leaders under age 40
  • Leaders of all ages serving in communities of poverty

Your gift means that these leaders can access resources that will change their lives, increase their confidence and skills for leadership, and offer the kind of support, mentoring, and coaching that will keep them leading into the future. It also means that LEAD has the great gift of learning from these leaders – a gift we will share across the whole church.

When people like yourself invest in other leaders, the benefits grow exponentially. Please join us in making a difference by giving leadership. Give online or mail your tax-deductible check to LEAD, 12941 I-45 North Freeway, Suite #210, Houston, TX 77060-1243.