by Rev. Louise Johnson, LEAD Director of Leadership Development

Every year I struggle to give gifts that are meaningful – that express my love for the recipient and uphold my values. I’ll put things in my Amazon cart only to come back and remove them all the next day because they don’t seem to have the allure they did the day before. Or I run out of time and give a gift accompanied by a thousand qualifiers, a steady stream of apologies, and a gift receipt. Ever been there?

This year, LEAD is offering a GREAT option for gift giving that blesses you, the recipient, and the church – a LEAD gift card.

Maybe you are wondering what to give your pastor or youth leader.

What better way to say thank you to your favorite pastor, youth leader, or council leader than to give them the gift of learning? Instead of giving them another angel or cross, you can give them a gift that will help nourish, grow, and sustain them in these challenging days of church leadership.

Pull together some friends and give your pastor or youth minister a LEAD gift card. Gift cards can be purchased in any amount and are emailed directly to the recipient or to you.

The value of the gift card may be used by the recipient toward anything on the LEAD website. Here are just a few of the many opportunities:

  • Renew: A year-long, weekly cohort-based program for building community, capacity, and competency in leadership – for pastors, deacons, youth leaders, outdoor ministry professional, social ministry leaders.
  • Jumpstart: A five session, cohort-based coaching course to help pastoral leaders prioritize their work.
  • LEAD Values Cards are a fun way to help leaders discern values with others. Special editions engage conversations for individuals, congregations, families, and children.

Maybe you are looking for a gift for your church.

  • LEAD Journey: A LEAD gift card for $1,500 will support your congregation for the first year of a three-year long journey toward transformation. And you don’t have to give the full amount yourself. Perhaps you can give a seed gift and inspire others to join you. Or maybe your congregation just needs your gift to reach their $1,500 goal. Want to learn more? We’d love to share some stories of transformation from congregations across the country who are on the LEAD Journey.
  • LEAD Coaches work with leaders and/or congregations to help them grow and thrive. A $200.00 LEAD gift card supports a congregation or leader with an hour’s worth of coaching.

This year, give the faith leaders in your life the opportunity to find community and the space to reimagine their ministry with a LEAD gift card.

If you’d prefer to give a gift to LEAD so that we can continue to create resources and opportunities to support leaders and congregation with deep, bold, consequential faith, donate here.