growing congregations to be generous financial givers

Inspiring, biblically-grounded, mission-focused generosity, without manipulation

The Giving Project helps leaders grow financial giving in their congregation by:

  • analyzing giving trends and building a strategic and contextual approach to giving
  • addressing the taboos surrounding money in the church
  • cultivating a theologically grounded understanding of giving

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A 3-session course for pastors and ministry leaders 

Session One

  • We’ll turn to scripture for themes of living a generous life in order to cultivate a biblical generosity steeped in faith.
  • We will discover how generosity was cultivated within ourselves, shaped by family, religious, and societal influences.
  • We’ll also learn how to develop a giving pyramid within our own communities (churches, synagogues, etc.) to discover our current giving trends and reality.

Session Two

  • We’ll probe our giving pyramids together for how they inform which generosity practices to implement.
  • We’ll explore best-practices for generating generosity on a weekly basis within the context of a worship service.
  • We’ll take a look at what inspiring generosity can look like as a year-round practice.
  • We will discuss the importance of a well-internalized missional purpose.


Session Three

  • We’ll review our learning and applications from previous sessions.
  • We’ll talk about the mindset shifts that need to happen in order to take the ‘taboo’ out of money talk.
  • We’ll turn to experts like Henri Nouwen to help us reframe our approach to cultivating financial partnerships.
  • We’ll explore how narrative budgets can inspire and incite generosity.


  • Pastoral Leaders will gather in cohorts of 5-7 people from across the country
  • Sessions will meet for 90 minutes with 3 weeks between sessions

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Meet the Facilitator




The Rev. Marla Rotman has been serving in leadership positions for most of her adult life through her work as a counselor, spiritual director, and pastor. 

In 2016, she completed the Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising through the Lake Institute / Lily School of Philanthropy.  Shortly thereafter, she was recruited by Lake Institute and the Reformed Church in America as faculty for Cultivating Generous Congregations. 

After partnering with the ELCA, she transferred her ordination to the ELCA to become a rostered minister.  She continues to serve churches in the ELCA, as well as lead Generosity seminars across the nation.