Fully human. Incarnational.

by Peggy Hahn, Executive Director, LEAD

The goal can’t be quality, not for people anyway. It needs to be humanity. The rough edges of caring, of improv and of connection. – Seth Godin

Let excellence go. Focus on relationships. On being a human being, connected more deeply than we will ever realize to other people.

Pay attention to each other. This starts by noticing what’s happening at home. How are people loving each other wherever you live? It’s not about gender, marital status, age or sexuality. It’s about being Christ in real life, even on the hard days.

What will set Christian leaders apart – pointing to a risen God – is not new news but it is good news. It is how we love each other.

It does take more time. It is messier than we have patience for. But it is the only way to really lead like Jesus.

If your church spends time avoiding the neighbors, keeping certain people out of leadership or in leadership, or talking behind backs in the parking lot, it is time for you to move to a better version of yourself.

Lead your congregation from power struggles to integrity by modeling this yourself.

This does not mean everyone is at the leadership table. It does mean everyone has a voice and is fully loved for who they are.

This does not mean letting bad behavior rule. It is exactly the opposite as we hold people accountable to treating each other right.

This does not mean ignoring the child who acts up. It means making that child (even if he or she is a grown-up child) worth investing in by figuring out how to love them more fully.

Being fully human starts with dealing with ourselves. This is an Easter invitation. Imagine a movement of Jesus-followers being more human to multiply humankind. It’s not going to be easy, but it is the only way forward.

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