by Peggy Hahn, LEAD-Executive Director

Take a few deep breaths.

Inhaling the Holy Spirit blowing through our lives can remind us of three things that are foundational:

  1. We are already loved and good enough.
  2. We can love ourselves. (Read this one over and over. Influence starts here.)
  3. We can love the people we lead. (Gulp. Without this, there is no influence.)

I’m talking about agency, the ability to alter your environment according to your goals and to make things happen.

Agency allows people to use their God-given power to lead. Leading out of agency is more like a nourishing, steady rain falling on dry land than it is like a tropical storm that leaves debris behind. We can do this because our ultimate agency is rooted in our baptism, not in our own capacity.

Leading from this place gives us courage to take time off and focus with diligence on the things that may be hard but are meaningful and produce needed changes.

I find it interesting that many of the roadblocks we face in our leadership are part of systems and structures previous leaders constructed to succeed in their own leadership in a previous era. Redesigning these systems can feel daunting, even impossible. This makes me wonder, why don’t we simply refocus our efforts to design new pathways forward instead of spending time trying to redesign the current systems?

Christian leadership is claiming our God-given agency for mission. The structures around us are what determine or limit decisions and actions. If we let them.