by David Hansen, LEAD Strategic Projects

How do we shape faith in the next generation?
How do we help those who are new to faith catch the excitement of faith?
What tools will help us create a culture change in our congregations?

These questions – and ones like them – have come up repeatedly in our work. Congregations and their leaders have tried programs and books. They’ve tried sermon series and Sunday School curriculum. And while all of these things can be helpful, none of them is enough on their own. What our congregations need is FaithShapers.

What are FaithShapers?

FaithShapers are individuals in any community who are positioned to influence the faith of those around them.

Sure, pastors, deacons and youth workers are FaithShapers. But there are many more:

  • Council members
  • Congregational elders – parents and grandparents
  • Worship leaders
  • Sunday School teachers

After working with hundreds of congregations, we have seen the power of equipping these FaithShapers to transform a congregation and build a community deeply rooted in their faith.

That is what LEAD’s new FaithShapers Forums are designed to do.

Over the course of four sessions, each FaithShapers Forum will give participants the tools they need to positively influence the faith, attitudes, and behaviors of those they encounter. Gathering participants from across the country, FaithShapers will learn alongside and from one another in a highly relational setting.

Too often, we have not seen ourselves as FaithShapers. We have been focused on church “business,” or the tasks of daily life, or have simply underestimated our influence.

But whether we recognize it or not, we influence the people around us and, in turn, the culture of our congregation. FaithShapers Forums give us the tools to recognize that influence and use it for the good of the faith that we share.

There are currently four upcoming FaithShapers Forums.

  • Council as FaithShapers
  • Parents as FaithShapers
  • Grandparents as FaithShapers
  • Change as FaithShapers

Each Forum consists of four sessions that will meet once a week, for 90 minutes. The first thirty minutes of each session will be instructional, and the next 60 minutes will be guided discussion and relational learning.

Make 2020 the year you live into your call as a FaithShaper! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gather with others who share an interest in faith leadership; learn from each other as you grow deeper in your own faith.

For more information and to register, visit the LEAD Studio.