Joy in Our Faith

By Pastor David Hansen

Leadership in ministry involves lots of details. Planning. Coordinating. Tracking numbers and reports. Decision making. These things are all part of how we carry out the work of ministry.

It is easy to let them overpower the most important part of our ministry: our faith.

It is easy to let the how of ministry get in the way of the why of our ministry.

This month’s Toolbox invites us to re-center on the why of our ministry – to return the practice of our faith to the core of our leadership.

In the midst of budgets, to center on our prayer life.

In the midst of agendas and minutes, to center on Scripture.

We remember that we are not just people of faith who happen to be in leadership – what we lead is a community of faith.

So take a break.

Check out the Toolbox.

Remember why this all matters.

Rediscover the joy of faith-filled leadership.

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