Who are the Faith Givers in Your Life?

Faith is a free gift of the Holy Spirit.
People love God and they love you enough to pass it on.

These are the faith givers.

Maybe you had faithful parents or grandparents. Maybe you went to camp as a kid, campus ministry as a student, or had a youth minister, pastor or a caring adult who invested in you. Faith is passed person to person, usually by caring adults to children and youth. Sometimes it works the other way around with children and adults passing their faith to the adults in their lives.

LEAD grows leaders with a deep, bold, consequential faith – like you! Show your gratitude to those who have influenced your faith this holiday season by making a gift in any amount to LEAD in their names. If you provide their email addresses, we will send them a special email thanking them for sharing their faith with you. We can also include their names on our website with other faith givers from around the world. Learn more about Faith Givers.

I am already thinking about people I would like to honor. I am wondering how many will be surprised when they get this gift from me this holiday season. Most of these are people who aren’t on my Christmas card list and many haven’t heard from me in years, yet when I reflect on my life, I am so deeply grateful that I want them to know their investment in me really matters in my life.

Here are the people I’m giving thanks to God for (and this is just the start!):

  • Pastors Arno Martin, Steve Quill, Liz Stein, Paul Schairer, Herb Palmer, Paul Blom, Rob Moore, Roland Martinson, Bill and Carolyn Keys, Julio Chaves, Walter and Betty Baires, and Tim Barr
  • My youth group at Faith Lutheran years ago
  • All five of my children and their spouses
  • My husband
  • My parents, my grandparents, and my aunts and uncles
  • My dear friends, including some in El Salvador and Peru

If I can find their email addresses, they will be surprised with a thank you note from me and LEAD!

And those you choose to remember will be surprised with thank you notes too! Imagine how many people will be blessed by this gift of gratitude!

Please pass this invitation along to everyone you know. Let’s use #GivingTuesday to say thanks for the gift that changes everything – the gift of faith givers.

Or do it now – you don’t have to wait for #Giving Tuesday!

How? Go to waytolead.org/faith-givers.

  1. Click on Give Now to make a donation online with a credit card online or by mailing a check to LEAD.
  2. Include the names and email addresses of the people or congregations you want to honor (up to 5 per donation). There is no minimum gift.

Emails will pour into inboxes and the people you chose to recognize will know that when they share their faith, it really matters!

With deep gratitude,

The LEAD Team

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