A message from Louise Johnson, Director of Leadership Development – LEAD

At LEAD, we know that the call to lead churches has become exponentially more challenging in the last week, so we are holding you in prayer and working to develop resources that support YOU. Please check out our other LEAD offerings and support us so that we can continue to offer the resources you need.

We encourage you to sign up to become a LEAD Partner. It’s free and provides you with access to all of LEAD’s free resources including seasonal liturgies with guided spiritual practices that can be used at home.

May this word from the gospel of Matthew (11:28-30) be a word for you today.

Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.


Service of the Word PowerPoint:

Download the slides (created by Matt O’Rear, Wartburg Theological Seminary)

Curated Resources for Using Zoom:

Stacy Williams-Duncan of Learning ForTE! developed this curated resource page with the Zoom resources she has found most helpful. It is set up as a publicly accessible Google Doc, so she will continue to add to it as she finds or creates other helpful resources.

One of the most requested resources was something that Stacy couldn’t find out there, so she created it:

Copyright and photographic permission  

QR Code Generator

Free high quality images

Being Church in this time  

 Preaching in a Pandemic 

Additional Resources

Webinar Presenters

The webinar presenters are some of the best minds in worship and technology:

  • Matthew O’Rear (Wartburg Theological Seminary)
  • John Weit (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
  • Stacy Williams-Duncan (Learning ForTE!)
  • Karyn Wiseman (United Lutheran Seminary)

These leaders have DONATED their time to offer this webinar. Together, we believe that what you are doing matters. That said, we invite you to support them and their organizations, as you are able.

Matthew D. O’Rear (he/him/his) serves as Assistant to the President at Wartburg Theological Seminary. He is committed to living out his calling by helping people discover how they can serve as “public theologians” to the world in need. Learn more about Matt O’Rear.


Deacon John Weit is called as assistant to the presiding bishop and executive for worship of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. In this role, John oversees the work of the worship team within the Office of the Presiding Bishop and provides leadership on the bishop’s behalf in churchwide matters related to worship. Learn more about Deacon John Weit.


The Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan integrates teaching and learning, research and practice, and theological education within and beyond the parish, seminary, and digital contexts. Learn more about Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan.


Rev. Dr. Karyn Wiseman is Associate Professor of Homiletics at the United Lutheran Seminary. She is especially interested in engaging the 21st century church for vital ministry and equipping established communities to take on new models and methods for church. Learn more about Rev. Dr. Karyn Wiseman.