Who We Are, What We Value, and How We Show Up in the World
By Rozella H. White, LEAD Consultant

This past June, LEAD held a three-day retreat that gathered staff from around the country. The LEAD staff is made up of part time, full time, contract, and volunteer staff representing five states and a plethora of experiences. This marked the first time that the staff in its newest configuration gathered. The hope was that the staff would not only spend time getting to know each other but that it would also be a time of discernment, visioning, and planning.

It became abundantly clear leading up to this retreat that LEAD is beginning a new chapter. This new time is marked by a need to be more focused on what LEAD offers and to articulate with clarity what LEAD values, believes, and practices. The staff set out to work on developing a theological statement that reflects who LEAD is, what LEAD values, and why this is important.

LEAD is an organization that practices what it preaches. We never ask clients – individuals, congregations or communities – to do anything we haven’t done or aren’t willing to do ourselves. We are clear that aligning our values and our beliefs is foundational to any work that we undertake. We also believe that keeping these values and beliefs at the forefront guides our practices – our way of being in the world.

LEAD is a faith-based non-profit organization that works with a diverse population of clientele. We value each and every relationship even as we know that differences of opinions exist. As we take the steps to clarify who we are, it is our hope that everyone we partner with also reflects on their values, beliefs, and practices.

LEAD believes that adaptive, spiritual leadership is needed for such a time as this. In order to become leaders with a deep, bold, consequential faith in Jesus that leads us to make a difference in the world, we have to be clear about who we are and what we value. LEAD also believes that our values inform any public statements, stances, or decisions made on the side of justice.

Who we say we are and who we actually are have to be in alignment if we are to fulfill our mission of empowering Christian leaders, transforming faith communities, and influencing the world. Won’t you join us in uncovering your deepest values, beliefs, and practices? The following LEAD Resources can help:

Click here to read our Theological Statement.