Welcome to DECONSTRUCT: An Advent Devotional

What you will receive

4 weekly devotions based on the Revised Common Lectionary for Advent 2020. Each includes:

  • Video reflection on the text by modern church leaders of our time 
  • Rite of confession and forgiveness by The Rev. Louise Johnson
  • Action step by Rozella Haydée White

Options for Purchase*

Purchase includes the rights to use the resources within your congregation and to share them on social media

$100 for the full 4-week package

$40 for the full 4-week package

The Theme

This Advent you are invited into a journey of devotion, reflection, and action around the theme DECONSTRUCT.

Let the voices of the prophets and the voices of four church leaders invite you to do some deconstructing of your own.

What are the layers of life that have made you who you are?

What do you need to claim again about the beautiful creation you are?

What do you need to let go of?


: to reduce (something) to its constituent parts in order to reinterpret it.

: to take apart or examine (something) in order to reveal the basis or composition often with the intention of exposing biases, flaws, or inconsistencies

: to adapt or separate the elements of for use in a radically new way

The Devotions

Each week’s devotion follows a rhythm of prayer, reading, video reflection on the text, confession, forgiveness, and action.

Excerpt from Confession – Advent Week 3

O God, there are so many who mourn. Many have lost loved ones, others have lost jobs or homes, still others of us have lost ways of life and rituals that gave our lives meaning. Revive our spirits again that we might live as your people.

Excerpt from Forgiveness – Advent Week 1 

Child of God, you were created good, in God’s image. By the power of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven of your sins and restored to the beautiful creation that you are. Live with the confidence that you are God’s own – beloved, forgiven and called to serve. Amen.

Excerpt from Action – Advent Week 1

Take time this week to notice how your beliefs operate in your life. Do they lead you to make quick judgements or do they invite you to wonder about what you’re experiencing?


The devotions accompany the texts provided by the Revised Common Lectionary for Advent 2020.

Weeks 1-3:
From the prophet Isaiah, these texts invite us into stories of struggle; stories that point to the cry of the people who were wandering and wondering about God’s presence; stories that invite us to remember that which remains and that which stands the test of time. 

Week 4:
The Magnificat from the Gospel of Luke is a story that brings hope and light and love to a people in desperate need of relief. It is a story that reminds us who God is and how God cares for those who are oppressed. 


Video Reflections


Week 1 – Isaiah 64:1-9


Week 2 – Isaiah 40:1-11


Week 3 – Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11


Week 4 – Luke 1:46-55

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