Crisis to Mission

For congregations in the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod recovering from Hurricane Harvey

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Location: Zion Lutheran Church, 3606 Beauchamp St, Houston, TX 77009

After a disaster, wisdom and research suggest that each person’s healing is unique. But what about your congregation? How does a missional community come together and heal? How do you move into building resiliency and capacity during a new chapter in your congregation’s life? Bring a team of 6-8 people to this one-day seminar for moving from crisis to mission.

Includes one copy of the Tune In Guide per participant and lunch.


Peggy Hahn, Executive Director of LEAD
Alix Felsing, LEAD Coach
Pastor Chris Markert, Mission Catalyst

Print-ready flyer

Register by April 6, 2018

Tentative Agenda

8:30-9:00Registration and coffee
9:00-10:00Welcome and Spiritual Pilgrims
10:00-11:00Resiliency through adaptive leadership
11:00-12:00The LEAD Journey
12:00-12:30Lunch (provided)
12:45-1:30Building a great team
1:30-2:00Communication that makes a difference
2:00-2:45Making a congregational plan
2:45-3:00Spiritual Pilgrims

Learning in Community

This one-day kickoff seminar is followed by monthly digital learning group conversations for the participating teams together and monthly digital coaching sessions for each congregation’s pastor or primary spiritual leader, and a final wrap-up celebration seminar in one year.

The purpose of…

  • The kick-off seminar is to shape the path ahead by listening to stories, understanding adaptive leadership, experiencing faith practices, and making a unique congregational plan.
  • Learning group conversations is for the participating teams to check in together digitally each month and to learn new skills and practice adaptive leadership in community.
  • The coaching sessions for the pastor (or primary spiritual leader in the absence of a pastor) is to build their confidence and capacity to guide the congregation from crisis to mission.
  • The celebration seminar at the end of the year is to share stories, celebrate the progress made, and make a plan for the next year.