Congregations Cooperating for Mission (CCM)

Southwestern Texas Synod Learning Seminar
February 17 & 18, 2017

Resources from CCM Learning Seminar

CCM Guide

Getting to Know You (PDF / Word)

Gifts of our Congregation (PDF / Word)

Shared Lutheran Ministry Agreement (PDF)

Share Lutheran Ministry Financial Presentation (PDF)

Sustainability Assessment (PDF)

Vitality Survey with Sustainability Grid (PDF)

Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County

Pastor Marcia Kifer

Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County

Panel Discussion with Greg Holloway – Fayetteville; Weldon Hartmann – Rutersville; Megan Buro, Patsy Buro, Brinda Dunlap, Dawn Moore – Warrenton

About Marcia Kifer

Marcia Kifer has been a Lutheran pastor for 34 years. In 2010 she was called to serve the Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County – four small, rural congregations who made a bold decision in 2001 to enter into a truly shared ministry. Pastor Marcia loves to share their story along with some nuts and bolts for congregations looking at some form of shared ministry. It is her conviction that shared ministry isn’t a last ditch effort to keep a church’s doors open; it is a way for churches to thrive as they answer Jesus’ call to grow disciples and share the Good News.