Clarifying Values

May 5, 2021 | 0 comments

Feeling like all you do is react?

Would you believe that your best friend is having clear core values?

This last year has left us weary of the constant and non-stop reacting that has been essential to responding to our crisis-filled world.

This includes our thoughts about home life and our leadership at church.

Constant pivots have piled up to the point that we hardly know what matters most.

This is the perfect time to push pause and double check your values.

Our values function like a chain-link fence, clarifying what is in bounds, and yet allowing us to see beyond our boundaries so we grow and show curiosity in what we are learning.

The more we have invested in our own work discerning who God has made us to be and how we are called to serve, the more open and welcoming we can actually be.

It sounds counter intuitive, but a generous world view starts with being self-defined enough to welcome others without feeling threatened.  But not so fenced-in that we can’t see other points of view as also valid.

Personally, my husband and I love understanding that while we share a few of the same values, we are each wired to have our own unique set of values. If we weren’t paying attention, our differences could become a problem.

You know this in your own relationships, right?

The best way to love unconditionally is to understand that God created everyone uniquely and with purpose. In our blended family we see each of our adult children living out of their unique values, and we understand that we all have some core values that call us together.

It’s true for families, teams, and congregations. Clear values make relationships easier. Clear values can drive simple things like our to-do list or our financial management. Shared values allow us to know what holds us together in tough times.

For teams and congregations, once we have agreed on our values, we can drive alignment.

If all of this sounds complex, join me on June 8th for a 90-minute webinar where we will introduce our LEAD value cards, including how you can make your own out of post-it notes, and a simple process for alignment. Click here to learn more and register!  As a gift, we include a free set of value cards in your registration!

At the webinar, we will also spend part of our time talking about the bigger, more adaptive question about values: how do we honor other people’s values when they don’t align with mine?

Identifying values is easy. Living with them makes life simple.

Engaging people with different values – this is the work we all have ahead of us.


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