by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

We’ve all been through the push to get digital worship figured out (or not) and wrestled with reopening. We feel the pressure to get back to normal, but wonder if it is taking too long or moving too quickly.

What will be left? How will the church make it through this crisis?

Reinventing the church and caring for our members at the same time is overwhelming.

There is just a lot.

While you’ve been sorting all of this out, we have been building a plan to help: The LEAD Journey Online.

We are drawing on seven years of experience in helping congregations do hard work. We have run a few experiments and we are ready to follow the Holy Spirit into the future.

Come with us! We are convinced God is up to something that we cannot figure out alone.

Check out the four paths forward on the LEAD Journey Online.

Which is best for your congregation? Support for figuring out next steps is a lot easier when you are not alone.

One semester at a time.

One month at a time.

Let’s just start walking. The road will appear.

The LEAD Journey Online