by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

We make decisions every day that either keep us stuck, push us to take risks, or maintain life as we know it.

We know leaders who would say to our faces, “We would rather let our church die than change.” Or they would rather keep drinking. Or they would rather (you fill in the blank).

These are all definite choices.

We see others who are pedaling fast, doing what they have always done…just more of it. They tell us they don’t have time to learn new things.

That is a choice.

We see some who are opening their hearts, souls, minds, and strength to experiment with adaptive leadership. They aren’t bigger risk-takers than the others. They are people who understand that their life – their faith – is meant to be lived and shared.

That is a choice.

The spectrum between death and life on the choice-path is made up of a lot of little steps. People don’t go directly from no to yes. They start with tons of maybes. We often think that change happens because of a big decision, but truly, change comes from making a daily, sometimes hourly commitment.

Take a break from the whirlwind for a minute and ask yourself, What little choices am I making that are leading me where God is calling me to go?

This is personal and corporate. At the leadership table and at the kitchen table. Just start noticing your choices.

Awareness is the first step.