by Jinny Sutherland Breedlove, Camp Hope consultant

How are you growing student leaders?

For many churches, the answer is: “We aren’t. It’s not that we don’t want to, we just don’t know how.”

Building a leadership pipeline can be a critical first step. A leadership pipeline is an intentional way of developing leaders. It involves identifying future leaders (the youth in your congregation and their friends), planning their development, providing them opportunities to lead with committed mentors to accompany them, and measuring the results.

You’re saying: “Yeah, this is all great. But HOW???”

Camp Hope Day Camp Ministries provides one answer that’s been proven effective over the past 30 years.

Camp Hope Day Camp Ministries has grown student leaders in congregations across the U.S. and in El Salvador. (Click the icon or linked text for more details!)

Camp Hope is a student-led ministry that involves the entire congregation and the surrounding community to immerse campers in a new Bible story every day!

MORE THAN Vacation Bible School!

It provides three weeks of full-day programming with age-appropriate Bible study, art, games, snacks, drama and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities building on 15 Bible stories. Camp Hope day camp is not just for children in your congregation but for children from the whole community. This is an opportunity for your congregation to connect with the neighborhood, both the youth who participate as campers and staff AND their families (children take home discussion sheets with talking points from the day’s Bible story).

Opportunities for all!

Camp Hope is all led by high school and college age students who serve as paid staff. This is where the leadership pipeline comes in.

Camp Hope provides an opportunity for youth of all ages to participate. Students do not have to start as campers; they can enter in at any stage, based on their age and experience.

Camp Hope Leadership Pipeline

These are REAL jobs that provide REAL work experience as the youth grow deeper in their own faith and Biblical-literacy. All staff must apply and be interviewed for their positions and receive training in areas like behavior management, learning styles, and communication with their peers. Students who have served as staff have given many testimonials about the skills they learned and honed at Camp Hope. You can find them here: TESTIMONIES

NOT just a Day Camp!

Can Camp Hope curriculum be used for ministries other than day camp? You bet! You can purchase:

  • Full day curriculum (either 15 days, 10 days, or 5 days)
  • Sunday School curriculum for K-5th grade (15 lessons)
  • Sunday School curriculum for Junior High (15 lessons)
  • After school curriculum with Bible study and art (15 lessons)

Want to learn more about Camp Hope? Visit the Camp Hope Ministries website or contact Jinny Sutherland Breedlove, the Camp Hope consultant, at