Camp Hope Culture


One gift of Camp Hope is that host congregations can adapt the program to fit the culture of their community. However, there are key elements of Camp Hope culture that each Camp Hope site should prioritize as they bring this ministry to their unique setting. These include:


Camp Hope values quality in each piece of the ministry including curriculum, staff training, student leadership, congregational support and mentoring roles.

Excellence in training

Camp Hope takes seriously the need to provide excellent training for young leaders. Adult and youth leaders are required to attend annual training events to continue to grow in their own leadership skills. This requires congregations to commit to funding quality training events for staff.

Safety is essential

Camp Hope aims to create safe spaces for children to gather and learn about God. We highly recommend congregations have their own Safe Haven Guidelines and training regarding safe and healthy interactions of children, youth and adults.

Generous accountability

Ministry can be messy. Camp Hope practices grace with our young leaders, knowing that the ministry is not only to campers but to the staff. However, this grace comes with a sense of accountability in teaching staff members how to succeed in the responsibility of their roles.

Grace-Centered Theology

Camp Hope approaches the Bible as the “cradle that holds the Christ child” (M. Luther). We do not require that all staff members be Lutheran but they must be comfortable teaching Bible stories through a generous, grace-filled lens. This is an essential part of staff training events.


Each member of the Camp Hope ecosystem is expected to practice responsibility. Staff must come prepare each day and campers learn to be responsible for their behavior.

Mentoring throughout the whole system of leadership

Throughout the Camp Hope journey, young people are mentored into leadership roles. Campers are mentored by staff, staff are mentored by adults in the congregation and adult leaders of Camp Hope are mentored by peers.

Awareness of your own community’s needs

Congregations should adapt Camp Hope hours, prices, languages and dates to meet the needs of the community. Our camps also offer scholarships so every family has the opportunity to participate in Camp Hope.

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