Talent vs TrainingNo doubt about it, God has gifted you to carry out the ministry you are called to do – but are you good-to-go?  What about the rest of your team?  I mean the willing, yet possibly stalled or out of breathe group of faithful volunteers who will step up if needed. Or your paid staff: secretary, youth minister, worship and music leader, organist? Are they all good-to-go?  It’s a new year – a chance to take a fresh look at the talent pool God has blessed you with.  Including you.

Believe me when I tell you that together, the heads and hearts of the people you consider your “inner circle” of leaders (and most beyond) hold much of the knowledge needed to move God’s mission forward in significant ways. There may be some strategic skills to learn and some targeted trainings that would be helpful but the collective knowledge, experience, and capacity is there – if you could just tap into that!

After almost two years of research on Christian leadership, the LEAD team has decided that our greatest contribution to growing leaders who grow God’s mission will come through:

  1. Coaching so that leaders can actually put their own knowledge, experience, and gifts into practice more effectively.
  2. Focusing on four Growth Indicators – the four primary behaviors we have seen over and over again in growing leaders and in growing faith communities.

We want to help you build on what you are already good at by aligning your energy around the four behaviors that we know will produce fruit.

We don’t want this to sound easier than it is, but we do want you to know that you do not have to do it alone. We have a team of trained coaches ready to accompany you through the process. Your continuing education dollars will go farther to impact your whole congregation when you are coached to coach your own staff and leadership teams.  The question is, “What can you do as a leader in the first three to six months of this year that will shift the behavior of your leadership team for the next two years? “

To learn more about coaching and the four Growth Indicators, visit the LEAD website or send us an email.  Our Coaching Team is diverse and ready to accompany you as you use the gifts God has given you to be good-to-go as a leader of leaders in the year ahead.