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Sweet Holy Week…Every Day

by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director While sitting on my lap a few years ago, my granddaughter was playing with the small cross I wear around my neck. As she turned the cross around in her hands, she shared her theological wisdom, saying loud enough for everyone to hear: “JE-SUS DI-ED on a cross. He […]

Top 10 of 2018

Before we begin the countdown, we want to highlight a very special series of reflections by Lynn Willis about her experiences at the 2018 Parliament of World’s Religions. Beautiful and powerful, they are well worth a read. And now, without further ado, we are excited to share our most-read blogposts of 2018. Take a moment […]

Hospitality Is Bigger Than You Think!

by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director As I was sitting in the back of worship at my home congregation recently, it hit me like a ton of bricks – there are little things that make a BIG difference and they are happening at my church! Here is what I saw: Half the people in worship […]

Christmas Blessing 2018

May we live this Christmas Day on purpose as our gift to God. May every breath, every word, every moment, honor the miracle we celebrate today: God as human God in every human God with us Emmanuel by Lynn Willis, Spiritual Guide – LEAD

Tis the season…of job reviews, feedback and reactions

  by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director Receiving feedback is a skill essential for adaptive leadership. Before you cringe with disgust, pain or boredom, consider this: Accepting feedback at work is important, but in families, it’s vital. – Bruce Feiler, New York Times columnist and author  The book Thanks for the Feedback by Douglas Stone […]

Stories from the Parliament.
Physical Meets Worship

Lynn Willis, LEAD’s Spiritual Guide, attended the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto November 1-7. She will be sharing her experiences and reflections in a series of newsletter articles. This is my body. Upon hearing these words, while flowing through a series of standing yoga postures, it all became crystal clear. It was […]

Stories from the Parliament.
Climate Change.

Lynn Willis, LEAD’s Spiritual Guide, attended the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto November 1-7. She will be sharing her experiences and reflections in a series of newsletter articles. The ice in the heart of man has grown as the ice in the north has melted. Uncle Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Eskimo-Kalaatit Elder, the Arctic. […]

Leading Change

by Pastor David Hansen, LEAD Director of Communication and Innovation LEAD is committed to congregations and leaders who are ready for the future God is calling the church into – and for the transformation that will lead us there. There is no denying it – we live in an era of change. Change in our […]

Stories from the Parliament.
Bible Stories and Domestic Violence.

Lynn Willis, LEAD’s Spiritual Guide, attended the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto November 1-7. She will be sharing her experiences and reflections in a series of newsletter articles. “Words have power,” says Jan Peppler, who holds a Doctorate in Sacred Myth, “we must translate accurately.” 95% of church women have never heard […]

Stories from the Parliament.
The Child Bride.

Lynn Willis, LEAD’s Spiritual Guide, attended the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto November 1-7. She will be sharing her experiences and reflections in a series of newsletter articles. Susan B. Anthony said, “the bicycle has done more to emancipate women than anything in the world.” Armene Modi is from India. She is […]

Parliament of the World’s Religions.
First Impressions.

Lynn Willis, LEAD’s Spiritual Guide, attended the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto November 1-7. She will be sharing her experiences and reflections in a series of newsletter articles. 125 years in the making 10,000 people in attendance 220 faiths represented 1st city in the world for diversity (Toronto) 3 major topics – Indigenous […]

The Power of Story

by Kristen Krueger, PhD – LEAD Consultant When you support LEAD on Giving Tuesday and in your end-of-year giving, you help create and sustain the work of intentionally growing young leaders who are the very best of what our church has to offer. I am a historian who specializes in the history of girlhood. I’ve […]

Gravity vs Grounded

by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director Join Peggy for a phone call meet-up on Tuesday, November 13 from 8-9 AM CST (details below). Let’s talk. Are you acting in response to the pull of gravity or the pull to be grounded? The gravitational pull that is keeping us stuck is not as strong as you […]

Giving that grows Community

Join us in changing the church! We need each other to make it happen. LEAD is growing leaders like you in churches like yours who are called as disciples into God’s mission…and a new vision is emerging. The vision is twofold: build a community of creative and courageous leaders all around the world who are […]

Reflecting on Perspective

by Peggy Hahn, Executive Director of LEAD Every year in their childhood, my children built (or rebuilt) their tree house. At first we worked with them, but as the years went by their confidence in the process and their passion to create something wonderful on their own made us step back to make space for […]

Renewing Leadership

by Pastor David Hansen, Director of Communication & Innovation – LEAD In January, much of the US was hit by winter storms. Even here in Houston, schools and businesses were closed as ice made it unsafe for us to travel on roads. And all of a sudden, I had three extra days off. Let’s face […]

$10 for 10, because we love God and God’s church

LEAD exists for you – we are in it together. Friends, we have a heartfelt request for each of you to invest $10 in LEAD this month to help us grow and expand the resources and services we offer leaders and faith communities in 2018. Leaders are launching community gardens, initiating new faith practices, partnering […]

Top 10 of 2017

Wondering what caught people’s attention in 2017? Here’s a list of LEAD’s most-read blogposts from 2017. Revisit your favorites or catch up on those you may have missed. There are 250+ blogposts available on the website, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for in this list (or if you get excited and want […]

Advent 2017 Reflection

by Vonda Drees, creator of the 2017 Advent art and Director of Grunewald Guild This post was originally published in Vonda’s blog. It all began with a question: What if during Advent, we began with four lit candles and each week lit one less, quieting/stilling our way toward the center Christ candle? How could a […]

Book Pantry

By Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director It’s only been a few weeks since the flood waters wiped out the neighborhood including Faith Lutheran Church in Dickinson, Texas. While the church building is not yet open for worship, Pastor Deb Grant and her congregation aren’t waiting to respond to the needs in their community.* They have […]

Rules that Matter Most – to YOU!

By Peggy Hahn Everything cannot be of equal value – or nothing would have meaning, right? So, what rules matter most in your life? Make a Top 10 list of the Rules that Matter Most to You. The rules will change from time to time and that’s okay. But making this list helps bring into […]

Deepening Faith

By Pastor Mindy Roll – Campus Pastor for Treehouse, the Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCA) at Texas A&M and the Blinn Colleges —For all those longing for a deeper faith, or just feeling “stuck,” or even just wanting to build deeper friendships – check out this new 8-week small group study. As our synod began a process of […]

Holding a Gathering – Post Natural Disaster

Gathering – Post Hurricane Harvey or other Natural Disaster The impact of a natural disaster varies from person to person in a group, family or congregation. There are many variables that can paralyze leaders and keep them from facilitating a shared conversation about communal pain – just when the community needs it most. Courageous leaders […]

HOPE for Children after a Storm

by Kristen Krueger, PhD On the first night of the storm, my family of four (and one dog) huddled inside the laundry room for yet another tornado warning. Flood alerts came across my phone and pictures of disaster filled my Facebook feed. I looked at my six year old daughter who was sleeping at my […]

The Best Advice My Dad Has Given Me (so far)

By Peggy Hahn, Executive Director – LEAD These seven words cause my heart to bleed: “There is a hurricane in the gulf.” People’s lives have been forever altered by the monster named Harvey through hurricane winds, tornadoes, and flooding. No doubt about it. Keeping the faith during a hurricane or flooding, and especially during the […]

Storm Update

As you know, many of our LEAD Team have their homes and offices in the Houston area. We are heartbroken watching the images of Hurricane Harvey and the devastation around our city. In addition, many of us on staff are dealing with the care of our own families and property, and other communities of which we […]

Brave Space*

*The Brave Space language comes from Micky ScottBey Jones. Click here to view her video presentation “Confronting Opponents with Love—Tools and Tactics.” Micky will be presenting a FREE Brave Space webinar on June 30th. Click here for more information and to register.  by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director The Goal: To frame a space where all […]

A Space to Create

  by Peggy Hahn New thinking doesn’t just happen. It takes space and time, an intersection with other innovative thinkers, and a generative process. The LEAD Studio was piloted this week for the first time. Here’s what people are saying: A sweet idea for working on problems together. The dialogue-the-process model worked – I loved […]

Thanksgiving Prayer

Oh God – Creator, Savior, Helper We thank you for red soil, and black soil, and sandy soil and loamy soil GOOD EARTH for rice, and corn, and wheat and cassava GOOD BREAD for apples, and dates, and grapes and lychee GOOD FRUIT for salmon, and catfish, and walnuts and soy GOOD MEAT For red, […]

Relationships – When a Good Idea Pops Up All Over

By Lynn Willis, Spiritual Director This is a tale about 3 books. The first book is a National Geographic publication called Blue Zones: The Science of Living Longer. The Blue Zones are the places in the world with high concentrations of people who live past 100 and who also have grown old without health problems. While […]

We’re All In This Together

Click the photo for a special message from this year’s Disciple Project participants! Save the Date to join us for the nextDisciple Project Revolutionary: Radicals, Rebels, Rogues, RejectsJune 19-23, 2017 Music used with permission from Gold Village Entertainment

Hope in Change

Hope in Change Churches are not known for their embrace of change.  Very often, change within a congregation is a source of conflict and challenge. But for some ministries, “change” is at the heart of who they are. In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the language of “redevelopment” or “restart” is used to talk […]

Push Pause

Have you ever had the urge to pause for a brief moment to get organized (consolidate all your to-do lists into one maybe?) before moving forward again? Sometimes just looking at things in new ways helps you get unstuck. That’s what we’re doing for you this week. We’ve gone back through the year so far […]

Hope in Pilgrimage

Have you ever been on a trip that changed your faith or the way you look at the world? If you could go any place in the world, where would you go? Why? This month’s 10 Minute Toolbox, Hope in Pilgrimage, invites you to reflect on these questions individually or with your council, small group, […]

Easter Blessing

May God bless us with Hope as angry crowds gather in our streets. May God bless us with Hope as we gather with family and break bread. May God bless us with Hope as sorrow and suffering threaten to swallow us. May God be with us to the end and grant us Hope. “Love one […]

A Christmas Blessing

This year, Lord, come close and capture our attention, create in us a vivid image of the crazy idea that God is born to the poorest of poor. Create in us the desire to pass our blessings forward. Remind us that tonight you actually do come to us. LEAD is grateful to all the congregations […]

What Are You Afraid Of?

By Brad Otto  Jesus says, “Fear not.” In this 5½ minute video, Brad Otto, senior pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church, talks about fear and making change. “Fear is vision without hope.” Pastor Brad serves as Senior Pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church. He is also the founder and President of Acts of Wisdom, a faith based […]