Alix Felsing relishes creating those aha! moments of insight.

As an organization development consultant, executive coach, and teacher of resilience and journaling, she helps people reconsider their assumptions. As an editor of books and book proposals, she helps writers clarify their thinking and shape their work.

She designs training that prompts greater self-awareness, autonomy and competence. She uses practical strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

Alix discovered a love of teaching and coaching when she coordinated training efforts for McClatchy’s regional publishing center at The Charlotte Observer. She organized, created and led strategic training as the publishing center added online publishing capacity to its print-oriented world.

During that time, she earned a master’s degree in organization development and a coaching certificate from Queens University of Charlotte, developing expertise in resilience and career derailment.

Alix is certified to administer the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™4.0 and SchoolPlace Big Five™ 4.0 personality assessments, the WorkPlace Values Profile™3.0, the DISC plus Values communication assessment, the Actualized Leader Profile and the Group Culture Profile. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Michigan State University.