I intend to spend this day with all the curiosity and imagination that God gave me.
I intend to spend this day in relationship with God and all of God’s creation.
I intend to share my joy.

by Lynn Willis, LEAD Spiritual Director

This Advent, LEAD is once again inviting you to spend time in relationship with God and all of God’s creation through the spiritual practice of intention. This year’s intentions will focus on our relationships with neighbor, family, self, and God.

A spiritual practice is just that. Practice. The more it is practiced, the deeper and more fulfilling it feels. We are delighted that so many people are practicing being aware and living with God through LEAD’s intentions series.

Each day’s intention includes a brief reflection, Bible verse or quote, and suggestions for sharing the experience. The 17 daily intentions are totally free for you to use and share. You can sign up to receive the daily intention by email (Monday-Friday), view a new one each day on Facebook or check them out on the LEAD website. While we encourage you to focus on one Intention each day, all 17 intentions will be available to you on the website beginning November 25th.

The Advent Intentions have been designed so they can be used alone or combined with LEAD’s free print-ready Advent contemplative liturgies.

May we love God, our neighbors, and ourselves
with all the creativity of our minds,
the strength of our hearts,
the power of our bodies,
and the resilience of the Spirit. Amen