May we love God, our neighbors, and ourselves
with all the creativity of our minds,
the strength of our hearts,
the power of our bodies,
and the resilience of the Spirit. Amen

Welcome to LEAD’s 2019 Advent Resources – Reflecting on Our Relationships in Light of God’s Love

Each year during Advent and Lent, LEAD provides FREE print-ready contemplative liturgies. Based on readings from the Revised Common Lectionary, the resources can be used by congregations, small groups, or individuals for worship or personal reflection.

Designed for all ages, the resources and spiritual practices have been used in a wide variety of settings in more than 14 different countries.

Everything provided is FREE and may be used exactly as presented or customized for your own context.

This Advent, we will be paying special attention to our relationships with:

Week 1 – neighbor,

Week 2 – family,

Week 3 – self,

Week 4 – and God.

Through the confession, prayers, and time of silence, we will explore how these relationships can be life-giving and risk-taking. They can be vulnerable and forgiving; gracious, diverse, and accountable. Each week, we will be sent out with an invitation to consider how we can deepen and expand our relationships with neighbor, family, self, and God.

In our deep and unshakeable belief that you are with us always, God, please open our hearts and minds and souls to the love that you wish to pour into us. Give us joy in the knowledge that you are always in relationship with us, and accompany us as we explore our relationships.

Resources by Lynn Willis, Spiritual Director – LEAD