by Peggy Hahn

New thinking doesn’t just happen. It takes space and time, an intersection with other innovative thinkers, and a generative process.

The LEAD Studio was piloted this week for the first time. Here’s what people are saying:

  • A sweet idea for working on problems together.
  • The dialogue-the-process model worked – I loved reflecting in real time.
  • The rhythm of action, reflection, movement and learning / thinking model was great.
  • This was a great new concept for working on problems together.
  • Brilliant minds working for the sake of the Gospel!
  • Mind / body connection was awesome. Our culture needs this.
  • Loved the interludes for physical activities, variety of people present and focused outcomes.

So, what did we do that you can try at your place?

The LEAD Studio borrowed from three worlds to create a 48-hour space for innovation:

  • The Stanford model for innovation gave LEAD the bones for the process. Check this out for yourself as the resources are great and accessible to anyone.
  • The use of interactive learning modalities was drawn from best practices in youth ministry. This stuff works no matter how old we are!
  • The faith practices, storytelling, and spirituality that held this sacred space were the generous gifts of young leaders from diverse cultures with enormous resources to share.

The results of this rich space (whether at the LEAD Studio or in your own context) will continue to be seen in everyone who was present as they bring what was experienced or learned from this gathered community into their own leadership. For some, the take-aways will be new imagination for ministry, for others it may be new relationships or new ways of thinking. For LEAD, as an organization, the fruit of the LEAD Studio will be part of our on-going research, resource development, and wondering.

Leaders who step out of their busy lives to listen to the Holy Spirit with intentionality are blessed in ways revealed not just in the days and weeks that follow but for years to come.

The LEAD Team is deeply grateful for all those who came, led, prayed, played, wondered, and created together.